The Team


Teamwork is at the core of our business, and our main focus is recruiting top talents who are technically and culturally fit. Creating a positive working environment based on team cohesion, transparency, and an open-door policy makes us a community.

Thanks to our location diversity, we were able to build a team of talents offering quality and cost-effective services by supporting our clients remotely, from anywhere, at any time!

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Fernando Minetti


15 Years at Novelus

“Since day one, Novelus has empowered me thanks to its flat organizational structure and open-door policy. If you’re someone who values growth, innovation, and dislikes being confined to a comfort zone, our structure enables you to unleash that spirit.

Moreover, working in the Telco domain, which continuously evolves due to the ever-changing network demands for connectivity, ensures that we’re consistently engaged in dynamic, non-repetitive work. This ongoing evolution maintains a high pace of technical advancement within our team.”

Rabih Rizk e1704195044901

Rabih Rizk


1 year and 9 months at Novelus

“Working at Novelus has been an incredible journey. The environment here is vibrant, fostering a culture of innovation, belonging, collaboration, and inclusivity.

It is a workplace that values diverse perspectives and encourages forward-thinking ideas, it is an environment where everyone’s voice is heard and respected. Mutual support and encouragement are the norm.

Joining Novelus was one of my goals and I am truly grateful for the opportunities, experiences, exposure, and support I have received since day one. I am excited about the prospects and continued growth that Novelus offers. At Novelus, we dream beyond, and the sky is our limit.”

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Rayan El Arab


8 Years at Novelus

“Joining Novelus in 2015 marked the beginning of a remarkable professional journey. From day one, the company has been a catalyst for my growth, offering a continuous learning environment that has allowed me to develop and refine my skills.

What makes Novelus truly special is the people. Working alongside an exceptional team has not only enriched my work but has created a supportive and collaborative atmosphere. The diversity of projects I’ve been part of has expanded my horizons, providing me with valuable experience and a holistic view of the Telecom industry.

Novelus’ commitment to excellence and innovation has made every day here meaningful. I am proud to contribute to a company that values both professional development and a culture of integrity.”