The Team

• Team Growth 

Novelus Team started with seven employees back in 2007.

Today, we are proud to say we have grown exponentially to become 1000+ employees in 2022. With this expansion comes great responsibility; we constantly develop and retain our team to continually align them with our vision and values to build a culture driven by excellence and innovation.

Teamwork is at the core of our business, and our main focus is recruiting top talents who are culturally fit. Creating a positive working environment based on team cohesion, transparency, and an open-door policy makes us a company and a community.

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• Hear it from the team 

Carla Zapata

Carla Zapata


12 Years & 9 Months at Novelus

“My favorite part about working at Novelus is the PEOPLE I work with and our multicultural environment, we work with people all over the world on a daily basis and we are always there to support each other and grow together. I am very grateful to be part of such a collaborative and supportive company.”

Jean Paul Lahoud

Jean-Paul Lahoud


1 Year & 7 Months at Novelus

It’s not until you fall that you fly. A sentence that captures the heart and soul of what it is like to work for Novelus. Throughout my time as a scoping engineer, I was faced with problems some would consider unsolvable. It was never easy cracking those cases but with proper tools, leadership and empowerment I would always come out on top. Overcoming those challenges gave me immense satisfaction and have helped me blossom into a more efficient problem solver, critical thinker and engineer.
Novelus is truly a playground for creativity, where your growth is defined by your skill and imagination. Every day is a new challenge, a new experience and holds immense new knowledge. Routine has no place here.
At Novelus, hard work betrays none.”

Tony Tannoury

Tony Tannoury


1 Year & 10 Months at Novelus

“Challenges always arise when working towards achieving our goals. However, Novelus helps us go through every difficulty smoothly thanks to the management’s support, the atmosphere, the team spirit, and the culture.”